The story

The origin of a brand is told as a story. It all started with Christine Benet, who is passionate about Essential Oils and plants. With more than thirty years’ experience in the world of cosmetics, Christine Benet has acquired substantial aromatherapy expertise.

Christine Benet created DELAROM and, with her team of engineers, develops products combining scientific innovation, natural formulas, original textures and delicate fragrances. The DELAROM laboratories rely on the use of new biotech molecules, associated with the powers of essential oils, to develop specific and concentrated formulas targeting hydration and cellular protection, both sources of youth.

This unique line of products for the face and body effectively meets individual needs. All our products are clinically and/or dermatologically tested.


Delarom respects the environment with a quality and effectiveness charter for all its cosmetic products :

0% parabens,
Minéral oils
Animal ingedients

Balancing aromatic products : aromas and balms

For you, DELAROM has designed aromas and balms, genuine antioxidising complexes of 100% pure essential and plant oils, which help to strengthen skin’s natural defences. An essential oil contains the quintessence, the essence of a plant that is used for cosmetic purposes, depending on its properties. The excellent power of absorption by the skin will allow better hydration, oxygenation and detoxification to maintain its elasticity, with the aim of restoring its youth and radiance.

Use in cosmetics
Essential oils dissolve in fatty substances and will therefore be attracted to those in the skin. They will beat a path for the active ingredients contained in the skincare used after the Aromas and Balms, and optimise their efficiency.

The efficacy

DELAROM offers the recognised effectiveness of an exceptional face and body line, using unique patented technology combining science and nature. DELAROM develops customised care to combine the power of advanced technology with the benefits of plants for your skin